Eagle Eye Firearms Training LLC

Wisconsin CCW with LIVE-FIRE Training            
This 8-9 hour class includes information specific to Wisconsin CCW Law and is designed for law-abiding citizens who wish to become better prepared to defend themselves and their family in a life-threatening encounter.  We have tailored information from a number of resources into a comprehensive and intensive training class designed to provide students with the basic knowledge, skills and attitude we believe necessary to responsibly use a lethal weapon for self-protection.  Students will learn Firearms Safety Rules and receive hands-on, live fire instruction.   Live-fire exercises under expert supervision on the range will enhance safety awareness while students become proficient in safely handling and firing a handgun.  

A significant portion of our class is devoted to discussion and examples intended to help the student understand that lethal force is absolutely a Last Resort.  Students will learn the critical elements that must be present before lethal force can be used to defend themselves.  Discussion will also cover interaction with law-enforcement and suggestions for conduct in the event of a self-defense shooting.

Upon successful completion of this class students will receive a Training Certificate documenting 8 hours of handgun safety training, safe gun handling and live-fire proficiency.  Students will leave this class more knowledgeable and responsible, and better prepared to carry a concealed weapon in public. This training greatly exceeds the training requirement for a Wisconsin CCW permit and also satisfies Florida’s training requirements which will enable students to apply for a Florida Non-Resident Concealed Handgun License that is valid in 33 states.
Tuition $125.00

What You Will Learn:
Handgun Safety and Gun Owners Responsibilities
Basic operation of revolvers and semi-automatic pistols
Safely loading and unloading a firearm
Assault Prevention and Avoiding Conflict
Critical Self-Defense and Deadly Force Issues
Interacting with Law Enforcement Officers
Helping witnesses understand what really happened
Live fire exercises on the range under expert supervision
What To Bring:
A defensive type handgun (.380 cal. or larger, brought to class in a case) and a minimum of 100 rounds of factory ammunition will be required.  (If you do not have a handgun, a limited number will be available for your use.  The cost for using one of our guns is $35.00 and includes 100 rounds of ammo.)  You MUST contact us in advance to arrange for use of one of our guns.
Bring hearing protection, safety glasses and a baseball style cap with a bill.  Wear a shirt or top that won’t allow hot brass to go down your neck (back or FRONT)!  We recommend bringing sun screen, bug spray, lawn chair, etc. for your comfort.

Refund Policy:
If the class you register for is filled or cancelled, or if you cancel at least 30 days prior to your class, we will fully refund your tuition, or you may apply it to another of our classes. Please note we do not offer refunds within 30 days of your class.  if you must cancel you will receive credit toward any class offered by Eagle Eye Firearms Training in the next 12 months.