Eagle Eye Firearms Training LLC


Tuition $100.00

Where: Ripon Rifle & Pistol Club - Ripon, WI

When: TBD

This 4-hour class is designed for law-abiding citizens wishing to become more responsible and proficient using a concealed handgun for self-defense.  Basic firearms safety training is a pre-requisite.  Training will emphasize safely drawing from concealment, fast and accurate shot placement, clearing malfunctions, speed reloading, and safely holstering.  All exercises are under expert supervision.  
You will need:

  • A semi-automatic defensive type handgun (.380 cal. or larger, brought to class in a case). You should be able to load and unload it comfortably, efficiently and quickly, including being able to lock the slide back.  
  • A Kydex-type strong side hip holster with a stiff belt to provide rigid support.
  • At least three magazines and at least two weak side mag holders.
  • At least 300 rounds of factory ammunition (no reloads). 
  • 4 or 5 snap caps or dummy rounds for your gun.
  • Eye protection, hearing protection (electronic preferred so you can hear us), and a cap with a brim in the front are mandatory.
  • A shirt or top that is tight enough around the neck that it won’t allow hot brass to go down your neck (back or FRONT)!
  • A concealment garment such as a vest or light weight jacket, or a sport shirt worn outside the pants that effectively conceals your handgun.
  • Shirts under your jacket or vest must be kept tucked-in for safety reasons.

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Mag 20 with Live Fire (Massad Ayoob Group)

Tuition: $400.00

Where:  Ripon Rifle & Pistol Range - Ripon, WI

When: TBD

This is a two-day class for experienced shooters and is an immersion course in the use of the defensive handgun under extreme stress.   This class will bring out your maximum potential for shooting a handgun under stress and is the shooting segment of Massad Ayoob’s MAG-40 course, a four-day, 40-hour immersion course in the “rules of engagement” for armed law-abiding private citizens,  an “absolute MUST” for anyone keeping a gun in their home or carrying one for self-protection.  You will learn reality-based techniques including drawing from concealment, multiple shooting stances and positions, effective grip and trigger control, speed reloading, alternate sighting techniques, shooting from positions of cover, and both strong-hand only and weak-hand only shooting skills. Emphasis is on fast, accurate shot placement.  The course will culminate with a police-style qualification course.  You will need a minimum of 500 rounds of factory ammo, strong side holster, two mag holders or speed-loader pouches, and 3 magazines.  

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We also offer concealed carry classes at Dutch's Trading Post in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.  

The following Sunday dates are available for registration.

All classes begin at 11:00AM

​Tuition: $60.00​​

Please contact Dutch's to reserve your space.  

Dutch's Trading Post

258 North Main Street
Fond du Lac, WI 54935

(920) 922-0311


In addition to regularly scheduled instruction, please know we do offer private classes and will set up something if you are interested.  

Private and Group Instruction
To learn more about our private instruction classes, or to set up a class, please contact Andy for further information. 
In addition to private instruction, we do set up classes for groups.  If you have a group and would like to set up a class, please contactAndy for further information.

Thank you for your interest.


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