Eagle Eye Firearms Training LLC

Basic Handgun Skills   

This 4-hour class is designed for law-abiding citizens who wish to learn how to safely handle and shoot a handgun.  This program stresses the Fundamental Rules of Handgun Safety and the basic operation of revolver and semi-automatic pistols.  Students learn to safely load and unload a handgun, proper shooting grip and stance, and proper sighting and trigger control.  Students will practice safe shooting fundamentals and use the sights to consistently hit their intended target at self-defense distances.  

A defensive type handgun (.380 cal. or larger, brought to class in a case) and a minimum of 100 rounds of factory ammunition will be required.  If you do not have a handgun, a limited number will be available for rent for our $35.00.  (This includes the cost of the ammo ($26.00 per 100 rounds) ).  You MUST contact us in advance to arrange for handgun rental with ammo.

Tuition  $75.00  ($60 for students completing Dutch’s 4-hr. class)

What To Bring:
Hearing protection, safety glasses and a baseball style cap with a bill.  
Wear a shirt or top that won’t allow hot brass to go down your neck (back or FRONT)!  
We recommend bringing sun screen, bug spray, lawn chair, etc. for your comfort.
If you have a holster and mag holders or speed-loader holders, you may bring them to the class. 

Live fire exercises conducted under expert supervision.  
The range portion of the class will go on regardless of weather.  Please bring rain-gear and jacket or sweater, if necessary.   


Refund Policy:
If the class you register for is filled or cancelled, or if you cancel at least 30 days prior to your class, we will fully refund your tuition, or you may apply it to another of our classes. Please note we do not offer refunds within 30 days of your class.  If you must cancel you will receive credit toward any class offered by Eagle Eye Firearms Training in the next 12 months.