Eagle Eye Firearms Training LLC


This is not an NRA Class 

This 4-hour class is designed for law-abiding citizens wishing to become more responsible and proficient using a concealed handgun for self-defense.  Basic firearms safety training is a pre-requisite.  Training will emphasize safely drawing from concealment, fast and accurate shot placement, clearing malfunctions, speed reloading, and safely holstering.  Class will culminate with an NRA Advanced Defensive Pistol type qualification.  All exercises are under expert supervision.  

You will need:

  • A semi-automatic defensive type handgun (.380 cal. or larger, brought to class in a case). You should be able to load and unload it comfortably, efficiently and quickly, including being able to lock the slide back.  
  • A Kydex-type strong side hip holster with a stiff belt to provide rigid support.
  • At least three magazines and at least two weak side mag holders.
  • At least 250 rounds of factory ammunition. 
  • 4 or 5 snap caps or dummy rounds for your gun.
  • Eye protection, hearing protection (electronic preferred so you can hear us), and a cap with a brim in the front are mandatory.
  • A shirt or top that is tight enough around the neck that it won’t allow hot brass to go down your neck (back or FRONT)!
  • A concealment garment such as a vest or light weight jacket, or a sport shirt worn outside the pants that effectively conceals your handgun. Shirts under your jacket or vest must be kept tucked-in for safety reasons.

Refund Policy:
If the class you register for is filled or cancelled, or if you cancel at least 30 days prior to your class, we will fully refund your tuition, or you may apply it to another of our classes. Please note we do not offer refunds within 30 days of your class.  if you must cancel you will receive credit toward any class offered by Eagle Eye Firearms Training in the next 12 months.